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Offering premium quality Cutting Oil, Engine Oil, Grease, Heater Thermic Fluid Oil, Industrial Lubricant oil, Engine lubricating oil, Industrial Grease, Industrial Lubricants, Industrial Oil, Lubricant Oil, Lubricant Cutting Oil, Machine Oil, Oil Gear, Quenching Oil, etc...........

About Us

Discover the Power of our new generation lubricants that have had a huge demand, since our inception 12 years ago. Back in 1997, Mr. Sanjeev Hooda initiated the enterprise to supply supreme quality oils and greases, which ensures excellent performance and guarantees a longer life for the equipment. Vintrol Lubes Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer, supplier, and trader of wide range of lubricants that find various applications in the automotive vehicles, glass cutting industry, metal cutting industry, rubber industry, and others.

The company is lead by an efficient management and is supported by a highly qualified and skilled workforce, which helps us in ensuring quality in all the activities. Few of our products are marketed under the brand name Vinvo Lubricants that includes Grease, Cutting Oil, Machine Oil, Industrial Lubricants, Engine Oil, etc.

We mainly cater to clients in Delhi and NCR.

Our Products

Our products are manufactured with utmost care and are recommended for transmission system of automotive vehicles, heavy duty trucks and passenger buses. Each introduction of a lubricate with new and varied application is well received by a new age customers. Some of the affordable and superior quality products that we presently market, include:

  • Cutting Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Grease
  • Heater Thermic Fluid Oil
  • Industrial Grease
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Industrial Oil
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Lubricant Cutting Oil
  • Machine Oil
  • Oil Dealers
  • Oil Gear
  • Oil Rubber Process
  • Quenching Oil
  • Thermic Fluid Oil, etc.

Some of the outstanding features of our products that make them a favorite of a wide clientele are as follows:

  • Provides excellent cooling and lubrication
  • Protects components from rusting
  • Ensures longer life
  • Offers better control of machine operations
  • Provides exceptional performance

Quality Conformation

We are an ISO : 9001 certified company and we maintain high levels of quality standards in all our activities. Each of the products has a distinct application and high standards of quality, which is ensured through the different quality controlling measures employed by us. In the sophisticated quality controlling facility, our quality controllers verify the quality of manufactured products, and oversee the perfect manufacturing of lubricants and other products.

Our Team

Our team consist of the highly skilled professionals, who are highly qualified and at the same well experienced. At regular intervals, the technicians and other workers are provided with training to refresh their existing methods and to updated on the new trends in the industry. All our divisions have the latest equipment and the latest technological know hows. With the continuous appraisals, we take about the quality of our products, we take measures to improves the efficiency of the lubricants. In the long run, we aim to be the name that is synonymous with supreme with good quality lubricants.

Warehousing and Packaging

Oils, greases and other lubricants are sealed and packed in high quality plastic containers, which are non-reactive and non-corrosive in nature. We give special care to customize the shape and size of the mouth container, so that it can be easily pour the oil into the engine or gadgets. The container that we specifically manufactures satisfies industry recommended parameters and has following attributes:

  • Non reactive
  • Strong
  • Attractive finish
  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient in transportation